Marina López grew up in Barcelona, Spain, where she was exposed to many genres of music including funk, R&B, flamenco, soul, jazz, Afro-Cuban, Catalan folk, and fusion to name a few. She received her first bass at age 10 and was encouraged by her parents to pursue music education and to gig locally. She chose classical pieces to develop a solid technical foundation.

In 2009 Marina immigrated to Vancouver, Canada where she attained diplomas from the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music and Berklee online (ProTools and recording techniques). She then moved to Toronto and graduated from Humber College with a BA in music (focus on bass). During her college years, she established herself in the Canadian scene and has since then been called upon to tour internationally and record with artists such as Jane Bunnett, Jessie Reyez, AHI, TRP.P, Steven Lee Olsen, and others. During her college years, she started to experiment with bass synths and effect pedals, which augmented her tone arsenal and versatility.

Marina has performed/recorded with the following bands/artists:

Jane Bunnett

Jessie Reyez




Tica Holiday

Steven Lee Olsen

Hilario Durán


James Bailey

In between tours, Marina offers bass lessons, song arrangement services, and records remotely from her home studio.

Marina proudly endorses F Bass and Dunlop.